Monday, September 22, 2008


I Have Cigarettes Again!

Oh for JOY! I have cigarettes again!

Can't tell you how good that makes me feel!

I oh-so-wanted some cigarettes sooooo badly! I was constantly thinking about having one! I think that the law of attraction was definitely working for me today!

I manifested in my mind how great it would be to be smoking a cigarette and I was constantly thinking of ways that I could possible have a cigarette!

How did I manage it? Well lets just say that I was able to get some money into my Paypal account (it wasn't a donation) and it was just enough to be able for me to buy 2 packs of the cheaper brand of cigarettes - Hummers! (I looked at the cost of a pack of Kools and they were $5.26!

Hopefully having these 2 packs of cigarettes will last me until I get my next Adsense payment - which I am expecting some time this week!

But for right now I am happy and joyous and smoking a cigarette as I am typing this blog post!

I can feel good again!

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Have you ever tried Indonesian Kretek Cigarettes??
THat's the best cigarettes.

yay! you're a funny person. I like you. I also like Camel Lights but I can't smoke them because i have a baby.
: (

I have never heard of that brand of cigarette but I'm always open to suggestions on GOOD cigarette brands that will help satisfy my cravings - LOL!

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